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7 in 1 Survival Bracelet【🎌From Japan🎌】

7 in 1 Survival Bracelet【🎌From Japan🎌】

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This is not an ordinary paracord bracelet, it has more outdoor survival functions. It is equipped with an outdoor life-saving flint, a high-precision mini compass, a rope cutter, a survival whistle and a 7-core paracord about 3.6 meters long to provide safety for your outdoor exploration.

adjustable length

non-adjustable length

total length:25cm

total width:2.5cm

Sharp stainless steel blade

 The stainless steel blade is extremely sharp, enough to meet the cutting needs of outdoor survival

High precision compass

 The high-precision compass makes your field life more directional, and you will avoid unnecessary mistakes from now on. Turn the compass case counterclockwise to the unlock mark to open the bracelet, and vice versa to lock it.

 Practical survival whistle
Large decibel whistle, audible within 500 meters, let nearby people know your specific location, get rescue in time.

High quality lifesaving paracord
The strong and wear-resistant umbrella rope can be disassembled to be used as a piece of rope and play a variety of roles in outdoor survival, tie equipment and drag things, etc. The diameter of the paracord is 4 mm, and the tension of a single rope is about 350 pounds. It have the advantages of corrosion resistance and aging resistance. 

Broken window cone

In an emergency, it can be used to smash car windows or ice cubes, etc.

Sparkling stick

The correct way to use the fire stick
1. Scratch off the protective paint on the magnesium rod;
2. Select a dry place to pad some combustibles, scrape off some magnesium powder with a saw rope knife and place it on the combustibles;
3. Take the two ends of the bracelet with both hands, and use the saw rope to quickly, repeatedly, and vigorously scrape the lighter until sparks are sparked:
4. Complete the fire (pay attention to fire prevention)

How to use J19 watch movement
When walking normally:
a. Adjustment method: press "mode" twice to enter the month mode, press "set" to adjust the desired month;
b. Press "mode" once to enter the date mode, press "set" to adjust the desired date;
c. Press "mode" once to enter the minute mode, press "set" to adjust the required minutes;
d. Press "mode" and "set" once in turn to enter normal travel time.
e. When running normally, press "set" once to display the month and date.

Preparation process

If you don't know how to restore the original shape after untying the rope in the wild, here is the preparation process

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