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Soft Bionic Fishing Lure (5 PCS)

Soft Bionic Fishing Lure (5 PCS)

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Everything you need to go crappie fishing in any condition! Soft Plastic Lure works well because of its supernatural color and size. Body design imitates a real bait fish including details like 3D eyes and gill plate. 

Gold glitters in the body help to reflect even the dimmest light underwater, increasing the attractiveness. Specially designed hard pounding paddle tails will create life-like kicking and wiggling swimming action that will look irresistible to hungry fishes. Great for bass, trout, panfish, crappie, rockfish, mackerel, smallmouths and stripers fishing.


Super soft material brings extremely enticing swimming action to attract hungry fishes. Closely mimics the appearance and swimming action of a real bait fish, exactly what hungry fishes cannot ignore. 

You can fish the shad bait with either a weightless hook, jighead, or small weighted hook, or rig it up as a dropshot. The shad lure includes a highly detailed fish scale pattern, fish gills plate, and ultra realistic 3D eyes. 
Strengthening PVC gives this lure much higher elasticity to stand against the bites and tearing of hungry predators. 

The soft plastic bait can imitate a lot of natural looking motions and fish of all sizes will attack them. 


  • Length:¬†10 cm
  • Weight:¬†6G
  • Product Includes:
    • 5x Soft Plastic Lure

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