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ECOOBD2 car fuel saver-【Save at least 20% of gas bills every month! ! !】

ECOOBD2 car fuel saver-【Save at least 20% of gas bills every month! ! !】

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Reduce Your Car's Fuel Consumption By Up To 35%

Save Money at the Gas Pump Without Changing Your Driving Style

Are you sick of rising gas prices? Remember the days when you could fill the tank for $50? Nowadays, that will only fill it up a little over halfway.

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Increased oil prices mean we’re all paying more at the pump. And the way things are going in the world now, the price of fuel is only going to go up.

After years of research and development, we're proud to introduce ECOOBD2, an intelligent fuel saving device that reduces your vehicles fuel consumption.

ECOOBD2 is a chip that saves you fuel without you having to make expensive modifications to your car.

How ECOOBD2 works

  • [WORKING PRINCIPLE]Fuel economy works based OBD2 protocols as remaping the Car's computer ECU. After driving 100 km road total, NitroOBD2 adjusts itself to the car, according to the drivers' habits and always keeps remaping the ECU to Save Fuel
  • [INSTRUCTIONS]According to your driving habits, NitroOBD2 makes new map in the car's computer ECU to increase the performance of your car. As you driving much more Mile, It makes your car that it has more energy.
  • [STRONG COMPATIBILITY]NitroOBD2 is a Chip Tuning Box which can be plugged into OBD2 connector of your car to increase the performance of your car.Our products support most of the models produced after 2000, please rest assured to buy and use.
  • [SIGNIFICANT EFFECT]When it plugged into OBD2 connector, NitroOBD2 receives the information from the car computer ECU. With the received data from ECU, NitroOBD2 adjusts the boost pressure, quantity of fuel, injection timing and pressure to increase the performance of your car.

ECOOBD2  comes with many benefits:

  • Saves money at the gas pump
  • Improves your car’s fuel efficiency by 15%-35%
  • Helps you do your bit to fight climate change

Every modern car made after the year of 1996 has an ECU (Electronic Control Unit). This is the car’s brain, and it monitors the performance and optimization of the engine.


ECOOBD2 Chip Tuning Box Installation and Calibration steps:

1. Pull the Car Key out from the ignition.

2. Find OBD2 connector(*) in your car and Plug in ECOOBD2 Chip Tuning Box

3. Insert the key into the ignition and twist the key to the first stage. (Do not start the car)

4. Press the reset button for about 5 sec. After releasing the button, just wait for a while about 30-54 sec. (ECOOBD2 Chip Tuning Box will communicate and establish connection with ECU)

5. Start up the engine.

6. NECOOBD2 Chip Tuning Box will recognize your vehicle and your driving habits, after around 200 km/150 miles driving and thus NECOOBD2 Performance Chip Tuning Box will adjust itself to match your car perfectly for more fuel saving.

 statement! ! !
ECOOBD2 will never damage your car.
ECOOBD2 will never affect the power of the car.
We just inspired the hidden parameters of the car.

Does your car have OBD2 connector?

On-Board Diagnostics, or "OBD," is a computer-based system built into all 1996 and later light-duty vehicles and trucks, as required by the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.

OBD systems are designed to monitor the performance of some of an engine's major components including those responsible for controlling emissions.

Where located OBD2 connector in your car?

1 Driver's side, underneath dashboard, in the area under the steering column,

2 Driver's side, underneath dashboard, between the driver-side door and steering column area

3 Driver's side, underneath dashboard, between the steering column area and the center console

4 Driver's side, dashboard instrument/gauge area, between the steering column and center console

5 Driver's side, dashboard instrument/gauge area, between the driver-side door and steering column

6 Center console, vertical surface  left of vehicle centerline

7 Center console, vertical surface right of vehicle centerline or on passenger side of center console

8 Center console, horizontal surface  in front passenger area.


statement! ! !
ECOOBD2 will never damage your car.
ECOOBD2 will never affect the power of the car.
We just inspired the hidden parameters of the car.

Customer feedback!

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Mark D. - Austin, TX

“Finally a product that works”

As an mechanic, I know some devices for cars draw more power than they are worth. However, it's the fuel you have to pay for. Effuel handles these inefficiencies by improving my car's fuel system. That way you only pay for the fuel you consume.

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Harry F. - Tampa, FL

“Best purchase I made in a while”

If your vehicle is a gas guzzler, this can easily save you hundreds at the pump each year.

stars center-block

Terry G. - New York City, NY

“Easy way to save money at the pump.”

It was less money and usually that means lesser value. Easy to install and it worked as described with my 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 6.6 V8. Two thumbs up. Thank you for saving me in so many ways..


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